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Short Hair Wedding Styles
Wedding Hairstyle Tips

The hairstyle of a bride has much importance in her overall appeal. But usually, the hair is severely underrated. The focus is given to the bridal dress and hence the hair is forgotten. There are many different hairstyles suitable for brides and each one has its own pros and cons. Here are the main different hairstyles that are suitable for brides.

Straight Down

It is pretty simple to keep the long hair flowing down in the back. This is a simple work for the hair stylist because the only important thing to know is how much curly or straight you want your hair to be. You can also add beauty to your hair by using some flowers or ribbons. This can keep your hair colorful. You can even dye your hair which suits more for a beachside wedding. Long hair with simple headbands or flower crowns will give an elegant appearance to the bride.

Short Hair

The short hair style looks perfect for brides with backless dresses having necklaces hanging down. Also if the bride’s dress has a very fine back detailing, the short hair can help to highlight this detailing. Different accessories and flowers can be used to adorn the hair to make it look more beautiful. With a pixie cut or curly hair, the short hair looks so cute. The short hair is easy to be taken care of and that also makes this style common among brides.


Going with an up-do style gives you a classy appearance. There are so many styles of up-do in existence and so many new styles are coming up now. The up-do style of bridal hair is versatile and is perfect for the brides who want to show off their back detailing. Even though the short hair style serve this purpose, an up –do can be better because it gives a better platform to decorate the hair with flowers and other accessories.

Half-up, Half-Down

This is the perfect hair style for the indecisive ones. If you are not sure on which hair style to choose, go for this. This hair style can bring much attention to your face and also acts as a big canvas for the hair stylist where he/she can do much adorning works. If you feel that the long hair running down can disturb you badly, go for the half-up, half-down hairstyle.

All the hair styles give an extra beauty to the bride and make her shine out in the crowd. Be wise when you choose your hair style.

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