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Wedding Favor Ideas

Handing out favors to your wedding guests is really an awesome gesture of saying “thank you”. It can be tricky when it comes to finding the best wedding party favors, which are both cost effective and useful. There are a lot of practical and creative wedding favor ideas, which could keep your wedding in minds of your guests even after wedding party.

Mini Champagne Bottles

You can gift mini champagne bottles to your guests, to keep the wedding celebration running even after the ceremony ends. You could also provide mini bottles of wine, juice, or cold coffee as an alternative to mini champagne bottles.

Tea Towels

Fancy tea towels are purely decorative tea towels that would make lovely wedding party favors. In fact, gifting a tea towel is one of the most unique wedding party favors today. If you were a person who is fond of kitchen decoration works, then you would clearly know the difference between an everyday towel and a fancy tea towel. With the help of a professional calligrapher, you can decorate the tea towels with romantic quotes and personalize them as well.

Cocktail Shakers

Just as the mini champagne bottle favor does, cocktail shaker also reminds the guests of your wedding whenever they pick it up for whipping up their drinks. An elegant stainless steel cocktail shaker is a good option, which can be used for years after your wedding day.


These are one among the most lovely take-home wedding party favors. Mini pumpkins in many different colors can be found by the rise of September. So if your wedding is in Fall, that would make for an awesome gift.

Garden Seeds

This would be perfect if your wedding venue is an outdoor garden. There are a large number of choices for this, but it would be best if you present easy-to-grow plants that would prosper both outdoors and indoors. Lemongrass, lavender, basil, chives, and mint are some good options.

Hot Cocoa Mix

This wedding favor idea is loved by guests of all age groups. You could give this a cute touch by packaging the powder and marshmallows in tiny glass bottles.

Personalized Blankets

If the weather out there on your wedding day is cold, then you could provide fleece blankets to keep your wedding guests cozy. It would be even lovelier if you could personalize them with dates, initials, or a wedding monogram. This will surely remain as a reminder of your wedding in the homes of your guests.

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