Best Classic Wedding Ring Styles For You To Try

Wedding Ring Styles
Wedding Ring Styles
Wedding Ring Styles

Classic wedding ring styles are a great option for people who are looking for evergreen designs. These designs are well-known in the jewelry world for the simplicity and elegance they offer.

There is a wide range of classic ring styles for you to try. As they won’t run out of popularity any time soon, they can be a great option for your special moments. If you are also a fan of antique style wedding rings, then the below options can be suitable for you. They can be a great choice for your wedding and engagement rings.

Solitaire Ring

This is an evergreen ring design that is still remaining greatly popular today and it will definitely maintain its popularity in the future too. Even though a lot of unique and extravagant ring designs are available today, the simplicity and standard offered by a simple solitaire ring cannot be matched by any other ring designs.

This design will have a single stone set on a simple band. You can use any diamond shapes and sizes for your center stone. This is an excellent option to choose if you want to show off your big center stone.

Three-Stone Design

This is another classic design that creates a stunning option for your wedding and engagement rings. They are loved by a lot of people for their symbolic meaning that most of the other rings do not feature.

Here, a big center stone will be accompanied by two smaller stones. The first small stone represents your past life as a couple and the love and commitment you shared during those days. The big center stone is a symbol of the devotion you have in the present towards each other, and the second small stone is a symbol of the future that you will share together.

Hence, if you want your wedding rings to carry a deep meaning, then this is the right option to try.


These rings will have accent stones that are used for enhancing the appeal of your center stone. The extra sparkle they add to your ring can make it more stunning and shiny.

There is a wide range of accented ring settings available for you including shared prong, channel settings, etc. Also, you can choose any diamond shape for your center stone. Hence, this is a great option for people who want maximum sparkle for their engagement and wedding rings.

If you want classic ring designs for your engagement and wedding, then the options listed above will be great for you. These timeless styles offer simple yet elegant designs for your ring.

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