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Choosing the right wedding gown for your wedding is always a difficult task mainly because of the various options available in the market. The mermaid gown is one of those beautiful ones that you can choose, but only after considering some important factors.

Below discussed are some significant factors to be looked up before choosing your special wedding gown.

Flare Width Had to Be Noted Down

Different patterns of mermaid gown have got their respective width for the flare. A subtle effect will be formed when the flare is slim, though a size greater than the A-line skirts. When the tulle is layered just below the dress fabric, wider flares can be attained. Meanwhile, an edgy wedding look can be achieved by the fuller flares that begin from the knee portions.

Be Conscious of Selecting the Material for the Flare

The sort of material chosen for stitching up the flares can also affect the whole visual appearance of the mermaid wedding gown. Fabric materials such as lace and silk, make the flares look slimmer. Edgier, but at the same time, a feminine effect can be brought by adding ruffles. Moreover, a traditional ballerina look can be offered by stacking of different layers of tulle.

Try Out Under Layered Flared Skirt

At times, the skirt of the mermaid wedding dress will have a gathered section that extends the fabric to the floor. In that pattern, tulle set below the flare will be made visible. Mostly satin and silk dresses are stitched like that. For making it more creative, you may even go for a colored dress along with the tulle colored in white. Further attention can be brought by adding beads and crystals to the design.

Consider the Flare Height Well Before

Deciding the height of the flare of the mermaid dress must be the very first thing to be thought by a bride who is wishing to embellish them. It is so because the height of the flare delivers them the most bounce to the mermaid wedding dress styles. Like for example, say, a flare at the hips that forms an hourglass shape will veil thigh problems and resemble a gorgeous A-line wedding gown. However, for those brides who want to follow the traditional mermaid look may choose a flare that starts at the knee.

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