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When it comes to a wedding ceremony, a huge number of things need to be managed rightly. These include the wedding ring, food, decorations, photography, and wedding outfits, and more. Out of that, the wedding decorations are among the most important, as well as likeliest to be noticed by guests. Nowadays, lots of people hire professionals to decorate their wedding venue based on particular themes such as fairy tale, beach, mermaid, monochrome, etc., in order to make a lasting impression on everyone that attends. However, it may not be possible for everyone to avail professional help, because that often brings huge expense.

Luckily, it is not necessary to break your bank to spruce up your wedding ceremony. In fact, you can spare a good share of expenses by using creative and simple techniques to design the venue yourself. At the end of the day, it is all about making your event as memorable as possible. Below are some of the best ideas for beautifying your wedding venue for an affordable cost.

Get Married at a Church

Getting married at church is one of the best ways to save a fortune. Additionally, the ambiance of a warmly-lit church is something that no one can resist. This is probably why in the olden days, most couples used to get married in churches. For the decor, there would be several candle-stands with extremely intricate detailing. These décor pieces are ideal to raising the sophistication quotient of the venue. To make the best of it, plan your wedding ceremony during the time of Easter or Christmas; most churches would be beautifully decorated at this time, so you would not have to spend a penny on decorations.

Use Candles Instead of Blooms

A lot of people tend to prefer their wedding decorations done with exotic flowers, in order to provide a pleasing appeal and aroma. This, however, is one of the most expensive things you can choose as far as decorations go. Belay that order, and consider choosing candles instead of flowers; this would save a ton on your decoration expenses, as well as offer a romantic ambiance to the venue in addition. It is recommended that you use scented candles for a refreshing aroma at the venue. You may keep these candles along the aisle or altar, and even instead in place floral bouquets. Enclose the candles in glass holders or fireproof bags in order to avoid fire hazards.

Use Plenty of Tulle Fabric

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Tulle fabric is one of the cheapest and most beautiful options to decorate your wedding venue. This ultimate fabric is available in a variety of shades, so choose the one that perfectly complements the overall ambiance of your venue. One of the more creative ways to include tulle fabric in your wedding decorations, is to create a canopy effect with it. For this, hang the fabric from the middle of the ceiling and swathe it down to the corners of the altar. You could also add string lights in between to enhance the overall style. On top of that, make some cute bows using tulle and put them on the pews.

Go Shelling

This is something you would have to do at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to your big day. Hit an exotic beach and look for beautiful and unique shells. Go to different beaches if you can, and collect some really good-looking shells. There would be many people who have a collection dating back to childhood; ask and borrow if you do not have time to be visiting beaches. Put these shells in glass vases or transparent balloons, and set them on the sides of the aisle, altar, etc. You do not need this to be a beach wedding; even a landlocked ceremony can benefit.

Huge Bubbles

Some people may find it childish to blow bubbles at wedding ceremonies, but this can provide a fun touch to your occasion if you do it correctly. Normally, bubble machines are used for this, and they are kept out of sight. If you choose to go this way, you would need to choose a device that does not make too much noise. Additionally, take care to have the bubbles released at a constant speed, or the whole thing can fall apart. You could even try buying readymade hydrogen-filled bubble balloons. Nowadays, there are different types of bubble balloons available in the market, such as ones with extra balloons inside, an LED string, etc. You can release them into the crowd after the ceremony is over. Nowadays, there is a fad for releasing helium lanterns, doves, etc., after the wedding ceremony, but these options are expensive. Not to mention helium can ignite from the slightest spark, making it very unsafe where people are gathered.

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