Five Unusual Venues to Tie the Knot in America

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Do you prefer something slightly more unique to a ballroom wedding? If you do, meet the weirdest locations to be used for an American wedding.

In a National Football League Stadium

Green Bay Packers have die-hard supporters. For some people, this might just mean holding a reception at their home stadium named Lambeau Field. What better way to express your love for this NFL team, whose supporters put on cheese-shaped hats made of foam on each Game Day? The catering menu at Frozen Tundra contains fun choices, such as their menu “Training Camp” to name one.

On a Tall Ferris Wheel

There are no chapels and Elvis for this slick revived LA wedding idea. Rather, you will get on High Roller situated at Vegas’s The LINQ hotel with your parties for a half-an-hour or 60-minute long wedding at a 550-foot height. No wonder it is known as High Roller. Hosting the reception is possible at ground floor room at this hotel.

Inside a Cave

An idea for claustrophobic people this certainly is not. After all, a cave is dimly-lit and dark. At the Bridal Cave in Ozarks, Missouri, weddings happen inside the aptly titled Bridal Chapel. As per historical records, tying the knot in it is not new; Native Americans once wed here about 1900.

Onboard a Train

Virgin Trains USA is one of the newest ventures of Virgin’s Chief Executive Officer, Richard Branson. It is a South Florida rail line that will operate on Brightline’s rail tracks, going from Miami through Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach. August 2019 saw the first wedding on the train, and guests from Brazil and Florida accompanied the pair who tied the knot then. They said their “I do’s” just as it pulled into West Palm Beach, the last station of it.

At a California Zoo

You need not freak about tying the knot some feet from hyenas, because San Diego Zoo and Safari Park is a fully controlled environment. Although your wedding may be at this zoo, it will not be nearby animals, except if you ask for an animal-proximate affair, as several couples do here. A free day’s pass is one of the benefits which your wedding visitors can enjoy both before and following the ‘Wild Weddings’, as they term the ceremony. Is it not a nice idea to marry in a green setting such as this? To get more such ideas, visit Rockher.

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