Four Things Vendors Wish You to Keep In Mind on Your Wedding Day

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People get plenty of advice before they walk down the aisle. Everyone, from your best friend to the neighbor, is likely to give you a piece of advice or two on your wedding day.

Their opinions fully matter, but the best advice comes from people who attend a wedding like it is their job to do since it is. Of course, we are talking about wedding vendors. These professionals have heard it all, seen it all and experienced it all, so they are experts in giving advice to brides.

Advice from Your Planner: “Just Stop Planning Already”

As the wedding day is around the corner, it is time to stop thinking too much so that you can enjoy the occasion itself to the fullest. It is best to stop planning on the days leading up to your wedding. Ultimately, whether that final DIY task got done or not, rain or shine, your loved ones will come to celebrate your wedding and have a fun good time together.

From Your Officiant: Do Not Give Rings to a Small Child

Do not give rings to a very young kid, who is under 8 years of age. The position of a “ringbearer” is a ceremonial one. Put both your pieces inside a small pouch and have the right person holding onto it to give them to your officiant.

Your Caterer: A Sit-Down Meal Is Not the Best Option

Some couples may feel that not having an excellent six-course sit-down could be a disappointment for their guests. However, this is not necessarily the case when it comes to weddings. The idea sounds grand, but most guests will not wish to sit at a table throughout all those courses. If you are doing a buffet, then be proud. It results in not just less headache for wedding vendors but also translates to more fun for guests.

Your Makeup Artist: Do Not Go Too Bare

Having a natural wedding day look is perfect for most brides, but do not forget bridal makeup, meant to last a day and look stunning in photographs, has to be slightly more done up compared to what you may expect to look amazing.

The ideal makeup for a bride is one that looks stunning, yet natural. Do a full-face makeup with liner, lashes and highlighting items to make it special. However, if you manage to keep the palette simple, then you will not look trendy, over the top or dated.

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