How to Choose Wedding Colors That Suit your Personality

Wedding Colors
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Wedding is one of the most important affairs in the life of almost every couple. It is the day, when a couple promises to share eternal love and commitment towards each other for a lifetime. So, it must be special.

Usually, people decorate their wedding venues in order to beautify it and to spruce up the overall ambiance. However, it will be great if you can decorate the venue in such a way that it reflects your personality. To achieve this, you can choose from the many wedding color themes trending these days.

Red Color

Red is one of the most popular wedding colors. It is perfect to represent a bride or groom who is bold, passionate, impulsive, loyal, and a born leader. Apart from this, decorating a venue with red color is also a good option to create and dramatic and luxurious vibe.

To achieve the perfect appeal, you can spruce up your wedding venues by using red curtains, decorate tables with red cloths or centerpieces, choose red colored cake or dessert, etc. Other than this, couples can sway in red gowns and jackets as well.

Orange Color

If you are more of a funny person or love to stay ahead of the trend, an orange color will be perfect to boost up your wedding. One of the main advantages of choosing orange as your wedding color is its wide range of hues available, such as spicy orange, autumn hue, bright orange, etc.

Some of the orange wedding color ideas that you may consider include designing your invitation cards with orange color patterns, seating arrangements with orange cushions, tables with orange centerpieces, orange dress for bridesmaid, etc. Note that orange and white wedding color themes are currently in vogue.

Green Color

Green is the perfect color for those couples who are in love with nature and want to lift up their big day by adding a touch of greenery. This color is ideal to represent people who are thoughtful, wise, harmonized, and balanced. Besides, green is a combination of blue and yellow, and therefore, brides who prefer green color will be affectionate, yet exhibit a refined nature and strong principles.

Green is one of the easiest wedding colors that you can incorporate in the decorations. For instance, consider flower girls who are dolled up in green frocks, wearing tiaras made of green leaves and lavender blooms. You can also have green colored tablecloths, carpeting, chair covers, etc., to add to the theme’s tone.

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