How to Manage a Post-Wedding Brunch

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Most women will have dreamt about their wedding day since childhood. However, practicalities always take precedence in real life, which means the big day is almost sure to turn into a veritable bedlam if not managed rightly. Myriad things would need to be attended to, such as the budget, venue, food, guest list, and last but not least: making your guests feel involved and welcome. One exceptionally efficient way to do that last bit is with a morning-after brunch.

While a send-off brunch is not a must-do, it can work wonders on many levels. If the accommodations you have provided do not include breakfast, a brunch ensures your guests leave on a full stomach. This also gives you time to talk to the majority of them, something which the wedding reception rarely lets a couple do. On top of that, it is a setting to relive your favorite times with the ones closest to you, crack nutty jokes, and generally, get them all to bless you in their heart of hearts. Some close family members can even pitch in a bit with the costs if they want to, although something like that has to be freely given.

If you are bothered by the elaborate way one of your friends has staged a day-after wedding brunch on Instagram, remember it is you who decides what tone the occasion should carry. If you are down for something basic, just offer donuts, coffee, and juice. If your relatives eat a lot as a rule, arrange a generous but earthy buffet – feed them but do not try and impress them. What you spend on this is based on what you can afford right on the heels of the wedding, which generally is not cheap. The bride’s parents may offer to foot part of the bill, but consider carefully if accepting their help here is the best foot to start off on. Prune your guest list according to who you can feed, and try and make use of a free event space, such as a neighboring park.

Assign tasks among the competent people who are willing to help out; for instance, let the groomsmen manage the donuts, and the bridesmaids take care of picking up the coffee. Find out beforehand who is willing to put in some elbow grease to help move everything along smoothly. If anyone in the invited crowd is looking for a chance to cook and is good at it, do not deprive them of the chance to shine. This is how memories are made, after all.

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