Promise Rings and Their Characteristics

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Promise Ring Characteristics

Promise rings are the stone-set rings which people gift their loved ones. They are seen as a symbol of love in a relationship, and are used as pre-engagement rings. Sometimes, young couples running on tight budgets may find engagement rings a bit expensive in the beginning, and this is when a promise ring can be a stand-in ring as the couple carries their relationship forward—diamond engagement rings can come later. Below is a discussion on different promise rings and their characteristics.

Promise ring are made of different materials that are inexpensive. That includes Palladium, 9ct Gold, and sterling silver. Smaller diamonds too can reduce the cost a lot. The meaning of promise rings is different from one person to the next. Below is a look at some of the common meanings you would do well to know about before buying.


Apart from symbolizing love, promise rings have other meanings different from pre-engagement rings. They represent sexual abstinence in a relationship before marriage. This will act as a physical reminder to pledge themselves prior to marriage.


Purity rings are closely related to religion. They are widely used by nuns. They consider the rings to be symbols of betrothal to their heavenly partner. Religiously, plain bands represent more humble truths. They stand for spiritual clarity and emphasize a simple life.

A Promise from One Person To Another

Some people use diamond engagement rings as promise rings outside of a relationship. This is used as a reminder of a promise made to oneself. This could be a reminder of a reward, motivation for a personal goal, or something else.

Do Men Wear Promise Rings?

Promise rings are meant for both men and women. You may choose a personalization or a ring design and this should be enough reason for you to use it as a message reader, or a reminder f something relevant to you.

A Few Ideas for Promise Rings

Fingerprint rings are an attractive jewelry option that suits both men and women. The fingerprints would be engraved on the ring. The diamond can be of any style or width. There are several creative ways to customize your rings through design.

The above includes a discussion on promise rings and their important features. Make sure you understand the various meanings they represent before you shop for diamond promise rings.

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