Six Big Wedding Registry Etiquette Mistakes to Avoid

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Wedding Registry Etiquette Mistakes

It is important that you follow the proper etiquette when creating a wedding registry. If you are wondering exactly what proper etiquette means in this context, we have got you covered. Everything from what to list to when you have to share your wedding registry, we are breaking down mistakes to avoid as you are wedding planning. Here is what you have to avoid when registering. Besides these, some do not even register at all, which is an even bigger mistake than all these.

Waiting Longer to Register

Setting up a wedding registry soon after your engagement is a good idea, especially if you are planning to have an engagement party sometime. Even if a soiree has not been added to your list of planned events, you might just be shocked by the sheer number of individuals wanting to provide you with a gift as a token of best wishes. You can update your registry and add more things at any time (such as prior to your wedding shower). The majority of your guests are going to make purchases just before the day of your wedding, so if you set up a registry early on in your engagement, add more items before your “I do’s” happen.

Registering at a Single Store

Do your guests and yourself a favor by registering at multiple stores. You may think this is poor registry etiquette, but it will be helpful for your wedding guests. A good mix is two to three shops, which is enough to provide variety in your wedding gifting options, unlike so many that it is hard keeping track of which item is arriving from where. Specialty stores and mom-and-pop shops are great, but try choosing at least one popular e-commerce retailer to make it easier for those guests living elsewhere to know what you want and make purchases accordingly.

Skipping the Small Print

Before you register somewhere, find out details concerning the policies of that store. Your registry has to be convenient for you and your loved ones, so ensure that it is available on the internet. Ask if that online shop will ship items to your preferred address, and get to know its policies concerning exchange and return. After all, you do not want to be left with duplicate wedding party gifts or return from your honeymoon only to discover that you only have a few days to exchange products you do not want to have.

On the bright side, there also are lots of incentive programs. Some stores will hold purchased items and ship those all at the same time after the wedding, and several places provide registry completion discounts, so also check for that.

Registering for Only Pricey Items

We are not saying you should not put that expensive professional stand mixer on the registry. However, you should have products that fall in many different price ranges, so your guests can select something which they can pay for. Having great registry etiquettes means being aware of your wedding guests’ best interest. Your family and friends maybe buying a wedding shower and wedding present, so register for products falling in the price of range $50 and below. After your wedding, you could exchange some $50 presents for a big-ticket thing that you both love.

Registering Only for Essential Household Items

Items such as crystal, flatware and china are longstanding wedding registry requests. However, you are able to register for any item, ranging from furniture and sporting tools to everything in between. Take advantage of the options you have and register for things you will actually use in life. If you and your bride are in agreement about an expensive addition to your house, such as a coat closet upgrade to name one, put it on your registry. Do you know what is trending? It is group gifting. Al in all, feel free to ask for items you will be excited to get – even if those are rather unconventional by your grandparent’s standards.

Not Making a List of Your Own Things

You will wish to register for things the both of you will enjoy today and in the future. To settle on what you require, make a list of the things you already own and discuss the style of home you would like to share. This is a good opportunity to demand a nice set of kitchen knives or upgrade mismatched wine glasses. Consider things such as your hobbies, entertaining style, and what your future may look like, say in 2029 (maybe you need that set of towels and gravy boat for the Thanksgiving day and your guest room respectively). Divide and conquer later by category – perhaps you strongly feel the need for bedding and your better half is more interested in having top-of-the-line kitchen pans.

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