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Wedding rings have been around us for a long time, with the tradition of wearing them dating back to the time of the Egyptians. If you bow to this tradition, you wear the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. However, tradition has little to do with people wanting to buy the best pair of rings they can afford. It is simply a matter of how special the occasion and their partner are to them, in reverse order of course. Following are some features you can add to your choice of rings to make them truly unique.


Engravings are considered the height of personalization when it comes to rings, and with the plenty of options on offer these days, it is possible to find one that suits both you and your partner. It could be something simple, such as your wedding date, your initials, or both. Then there is also the option of engraving a romantic phrase, or a secret one. Maybe use your mother tongue, or another language, such as Latin.

Short, humorous quotes are a great addition for couples who prefer to keep things light whenever they can. If you are both bookish, consider a literary excerpt which you can both relate to. If you want to remember the place you got married, get the coordinates of the location engraved to remind you of the best day of your lives. If you value uniqueness above all else, get your fingerprints engraved on the bands. Fingerprints are like snowflakes – no two are alike.

Mismatched Bands

Some believe matching wedding bands are mostly overrated, and if you are in that category, there is a running trend that supports your opinion in this matter. Come to think of it, differences are to be appreciated and cherished, not obscured. You and your spouse will always be a team no matter what, so there is nothing wrong with letting your creativity run loose and exploring your options separately.

Try rings of mismatched colors such as yellow gold for your spouse and a white metal for you. Some of the available shades can even be darkened if you want. Choose your preferred color and get your spouse to choose theirs. You could even go with duo-tone rings if you want both bands to look somewhat related. Do not overdo that and defeat the whole purpose though. Mismatched rings are meant to look adorably different from each other.

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