The Dos and Don’ts for a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

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Pre-wedding photography usually takes place three to five months prior to a wedding. There are many advantages to have a pre-wedding shoot. It is one of the best ways that a couple can bond with each other. It also helps familiarize with the photographer’s shooting style, so you know the best ways to pose on the wedding day. Similarly, your photographer can get to know your likes, character, lifestyle, etc. and you wouldn’t believe how much that can actually help when he’s preparing your wedding album.

Most importantly, it is one of the most romantic times you’ll get with your significant other before tying the knot. Usually, pre-wedding photo shoots are conducted in exotic places rich in a romantic ambiance, which no couple can resist. The appeal of this will reflect in the photos which you will hopefully treasure for a lifetime. However, there are certain things that you must and mustn’t do while picking a pre-wedding photo shoot.

Do your Research

This is one of the great moments in your life and hence, you must plan it carefully. For this, good research into each and every aspect of the shoot is necessary. This will include the location, dress code, best season for shooting, themes, etc. Once you get a clear idea on these things, check out the wedding photographers available. Make sure that the one you choose fits in your budget while being capable of delivering your beautifully on the concept you have in mind.

Do Not Try an Extreme Makeover

Brides love makeovers when it comes to hairstyle, dressing style, facial makeup, etc. If you’re able to nail this, it’s all well and good. However, be honest with yourself on whether there’s a chance it’ll go awry; if it’s a yes, don’t take the risk. A makeover can backfire just as easily as not, so make sure to ask a beauty expert about what goes and what doesn’t.

Do Choose your Concept Wisely

People tend to run behind trending shoot themes, and pick from among the best. Trends change though, while and people ten years from now would only pay attention to how good you look in the photos. Choose a concept that reflects your personality, lifestyle, and chemistry as a couple rather than individuals. Likewise, try picking a theme that relates to your love story by recreating some of the special moments in your relationship.

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