The Most Common Wedding Planning and Venue Arrangement Mistakes

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Wedding Planning
Venue Arrangement Mistakes

The wedding is one of the most important occasions in your life. So you need to plan things well, so that everything falls into place on your big day. However, it is seen that couples make a few common errors during their wedding planning, especially when it is about the wedding décor and venue arrangement. Below are some of such mistakes that you need to steer clear of. In fact, you can save a lot of money by avoiding these simple mistakes, which can be used for other purposes.

Not Having a Clear Picture of What you Want in your Wedding

It is usual with couples to dive into wedding planning without having a thought about what they would actually like to see at their wedding. Things like the colors, the theme, and the budget are the most essential factors, which should be decided before taking a step into the planning. This is because once you get into the wedding planning and organizing things, it is easy to get caught up in the flow and be stuck with whatever you end up with. Then it would be too late to change things around.

Not Planning your Space Requirements Properly

The wedding ceremony requires a lot of space for various things. Primarily, guests should be able to move around comfortably within the venue. Furthermore, there has to be ample space allocated for photo booths, champagne bar, cake table, gift station, photographers, food tables, and DJs. Hence, it is advised to make a detailed plan of all these necessities before selecting the venue. Once you are sure of your requirement, only then should you proceed with the venue booking.

Not Calculating the Proper Costs of the Centerpiece

Another feature that many people tend to overlook is the cost of the decoration of the centerpiece. Note that for a round guest table of 60-inch diameter, there have to be essentials like plates, cups, and other utensils. However, the remaining space in the center amounts to 30 to 32 inches and it has to be filled with the proper centerpiece. To occupy such a large space, the centerpieces would be really costly. Hence, other alternatives such as using long tables are suggested to manage the budget.

Not Paying Attention to the Ceiling and the Floral Design of the Venue

Many couples ignore the ceilings and the floor of the reception venue. This makes the place look cavernous above, while sometimes, the color of the floor looks outlandish. So if you pay attention to the details of the ceiling and the floor while selecting the venue, these problems could be easily avoided. An ideal venue takes care of these factors without the need for additional spending.

Setting the Proper Lighting throughout the Venue

Lighting has an amazing ability to change the mood of any event. There are several cost-effective ways to ensure attractive lighting. Professional lighting, for instance, is delightful and budget-friendly at the same time, while candle lighting brings a romantic mood to the venue. Colored lighting, on the other hand, can lift the energy of any party instantly. Additional effects like falling snowflakes and mobile lights are also worth trying.

Not Decorating and Arranging the Food Properly

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Food is one of the best ways to add charisma to the wedding ceremony. If you select food items that are in season, they will be available fresh and will cost very less. However, the way food is presented makes a big difference too. So you need to make your menu look attractive, and give it a dramatic effect. For that, you can hire culinary professionals to arrange the different vessels and stack them in style. When the food items like starch, veggies, and more are decorated using sauce, they look even more expensive. This way, you can enhance the mood of the ceremony too.

Buying Too Many Props for the Wedding Theme

Many couples tend to spend a lot of money on the theme they have selected for their wedding. They stuff their venue with every prop relatable to their theme. While this may make the venue look like a souvenir shop, it will also cost you a fortune. So instead of going all out on purchasing props, it is better to opt for a few and let the theme colors invoke the right mood. You can even rent the items to ease the budget.

Not Trying to Personalize your Wedding

Your wedding can be seen as an opportunity to really show off your personality in front of the world. This does not mean that you should add a few more details to the theme, but a fully-fledged display of your individualistic expressions would do here. This includes sharing your story with your guests in different ways like pictures, short notes, and other artworks. You can hang these around the venue and let everybody know who you truly are.

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