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Are you thinking about proposing to your better half? Then, you would be wondering about the engagement ideas including the photos, engagement getaways and most importantly, the best and unique proposal idea to impress your sweetie. Even though you are likely to find a range of proposal ideas, it will be hard to single out one. To tackle this issue, consider an element that your partner obsesses over.

In case you and your better half are animal lovers, including a furry friend in your grand proposal scene will be a perfect solution for your dilemma. Of course, executing this adorable scene will not be very difficult. However, there are certain things that you may consider when you are planning to propose to your significant other with a cutie pet. Some of those points are given below.

You May Consider a New Pet or the One That you Already Own

Do you already own a lovable dog, cat, or an adorable critter? Then, it will be more meaningful and convenient to pop the question with that four-legged friend rather than adopting a new pet for this purpose. You can nail the task incorporating a ton of ideas. For instance, you can hang a board that displays ‘will you marry me’ on the neck of your pet. Otherwise, you can attach your resplendent diamond engagement ring to the collar of your loyal friend. Nevertheless, a new pet will always bring a surprise element to your romantic scene.

Replace an Expensive Diamond Engagement Ring with a Cute Pet

Does your lover adore furry pets? If yes, nothing can impress her as much as a cute puppy and hence, it will be a great choice to pop the question with a cute little pup rather than with an expensive rock. This is not just to trim down the overall expense. Rather, training and caring your pet together will make your bond even stronger and will give you an idea about your life together in the long run. On top of that, you can never cuddle with your diamond rings and no person will ever judge how much you love your partner based on the carat weight of the rock that you gifted her.

Choose a Rescued Animal

What if you can do a good deed while starting a new phase in your life? Note that there are numerous lost and abandoned dogs, cats, and many other animals out there that are in need of caring families. You may choose one of those animals and gift it to your partner. Undoubtedly, your partner will be impressed with your golden heart and you will be able to provide a forever shelter to at least one such stray animal. Unlike clichéd proposal scene, you will always remember the day with pride for the rest of your life. After all, you have saved a life.

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