Tips for Buying a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Engagement Rings Under $1000
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If you are intending to buy an engagement ring, rose gold engagement rings can be one of the best choices in your wish list. There are rose gold engagement rings under $1000 available in the market, meaning that you can have a rose gold ring for an affordable price, depending on your budget. This makes the ring loved by most of the bride-to-be girls. However, there are certain things you must know about the rose gold ring before purchasing it as your engagement ring.

Rose gold is undoubtedly a unique and trending style. The modern era is seeing the use of rose gold on cars, laptops, iPhones, etc. The rose gold engagement rings are also becoming very popular around the world.

History of Rose Gold

Carl Fabergé used it first in Russia to make his jeweled eggs. Later, in 1924, the metal was used in the Trinity band and from then on, it became popular. The wide use and acceptance of the rose gold rings are mainly because it suits well with all kinds of skin color.

What is Rose Gold

Rose gold is an alloy of gold made by mixing it with other metals like copper, zinc or silver. There are various alloys of gold named as pink gold, red gold and rose gold. The quantity of copper in each of the alloy differs and that makes all the difference.

Durability of Rose Gold

Rose gold is more durable than the white and yellow gold. Though platinum is the stronger metal than gold, rose gold is stronger than white and yellow gold. The rose gold has inherent strength and hence does not need any exterior plating like other types of gold. In addition, it is efficient in resisting scratches and scrapes on it.

Affordability of Rose Gold

The metals present on it determine the price of a wedding band. The rose gold engagement rings are cheaper than the platinum or palladium made jewelry because those metals are costlier than gold. There are good quality rose gold engagement rings under $1000, available, and it can be an ideal choice for you.

Special Features of Rose Gold

Rose gold does not tarnish with time. However, the continued oxidation process develops a gleam on the ring, which makes it more beautiful with time. That means, the rose gold ring will look more beautiful after you start using it. Also, keep in mind that sometimes, the metals present in the alloy can cause some allergies in your body. Ensure that the metals copper, palladium, zinc, and silver are not allergic to your body.

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