Tips For Planning Your Wedding Menu

Wedding Menu
Wedding Menu
Wedding Menu

Your official union with your loved one calls for a celebration, and that is all a wedding ceremony is about. Dance, music, delicious cuisine, you try to add all of it to celebrate your big day. Wedding menu ideas keep changing over the years and deciding on the wedding cuisine is not quite an easy job.

In this article, we give you some crucial tips for planning your wedding menu.

Fix A Budget Beforehand

The number of guests you expect for the wedding and the serving style you have planned impacts on the overall wedding cost. In order to stay on track, it is best to establish a budget early on.

Start Early

For an amazing wedding menu, you have to select the best wedding caterer, which means that you might have to book them early before they take up other catering contracts. You can start searching for caterers at the same time you begin looking for wedding venues.

Decide On The Number Of Guests

The guest list has a significant influence on the wedding menu. If you consider serving an impressive spread, you will have to consider limiting the number of guests. Creative ways of cost-cutting would have to be employed if you expect over 100 people for your wedding.

Give Importance To Presentation

A wedding menu is not all about the taste. How well you present it also matters. Use creative ideas to make the way you serve the dishes aesthetically pleasing.

Take A Note Of Allergies And Dietary Restrictions

The dietary choices of your guests are by no means going to be the same. You may have people who do not eat meat or have a peanut allergy in your guest list. Know these exceptions in advance and ensure that there is a cuisine option for everyone.

Plan Your Menu According To The Season

Planning your menu according to what is freshest in that season is generally recommended. Some foods may not go well with all seasons. Take for instance a summer tomato salad. In some other season, it won’t be juicy and flavorful as it is in summer. Discuss with your caterer about the ingredients that will be the freshest at the time of your wedding and include them on the menu.

Serving your guests the best meal is the top priority of wedding ceremonies.

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