Tips to Organize your Backyard Wedding

Backyard Wedding
Backyard Wedding Tips

Backyard weddings can be quite fun and interesting if planned in a right way. There are many things to look for while planning one though; from the amount of backyard space to the decorations involved, everything is important. If you are planning to throw a backyard wedding, given below are some helpful tips you can follow to make the most of your party.

Planning the Space for the Ceremony and Reception

No matter whether you have limited or lavish space in your backyard, you need to have a particular spot for the ceremony set up. Large trees would not only make the perfect backdrop, but also provide shade from sunlight. Moreover, make sure to select a shady spot if your backyard wedding is during the warmer months.

Similarly, you might need tents for allotting a reception area in the backyard. Before renting tents, you can consult with your wedding organizer to know the number of tables, chairs, and food serving stations that you may need to set up. Additionally, if you plan to hold dancing events, then you need to allot a specific place for the dance floors too.

Decorating the Backyard Space

As it is an outdoor wedding, you can opt for any color theme for the party as per your preferences. For an earthly look, you can get inspirations from trees, flowers, and grass in your backyard; you can choose anything from monochromatic styles, metallic themes, colorful themes, etc., to make the event more colorful.

The highlight of the party is definitely the ceremony, and hence, it should be nothing less than amazing. After choosing the spot, you need to frame the desired space with a floral arch or an artsy backdrop. You can add aisle markers to put in some extra visual appeal.

Preparing for Weather and Rentals Checklist

Controlling the weather is impossible, but keeping the guests comfortable regardless of the weather is always possible. In colder months, you need to make sure that the tent space is warm and cozy for the guests, while for hotter months, you need to have proper air conditioning installed in there. Additionally, have some extra umbrellas too in case rain tries to crash your party.

Make a list of all the rental items you would need for the backyard wedding party, such as ceremony backdrop and décor items, tent, chairs and tables, serving tables and utensils, linens, centerpiece vases, lighting equipment, dance floor, trashcans and recycle bins, portable restrooms, etc. Once you have a list prepared, get in touch with your event organizer for more inputs, so that you can be sure you do not miss anything.

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