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One of the most interesting parts of wedding planning is deciding your wedding cake. The cakes decorated with intricate piping, sugar flowers, and hand-painted details look more and more dreamy at a single glance. However, you must make sure that it does not look too gaudy or out of place.

Choosing the wedding cake as per the wedding theme is always important. So to help you out, below are the top 10 most incredible wedding cake ideas that you can consider for your big day.

Sprouting Sugared Blooms

This cake is covered with tons of sugar flowers, which completely alter the look of this cake from simple to dazzling. You could see a perfect balance of the flowers and the white tires. It is very carefully balanced so that the floral decorations do not engulf the entire cake.

Cascading Orchids

The beautiful and realistic sugar orchid decoration takes this simple white cake a whole new dimension. The cascading sugar orchid blooms are mirrored by iced detailing in each of the individual tires.

Fresh Flowers

If you are searching for a budget cake then fresh flower cake is the perfect one for you. This cake looks simple and elegant with the twisting patterns of vanilla butter cream and piped pearls. The beautiful floral decorations of this cake make it ready to hit the party.

Glamorous Gold Details

The gold foil in this cake gives it a beautiful and elegant look. The tires of this cake when hand painted with a splash of watercolor pink gives the cake a modern and trendy look.

Swirling Sophistication

The magnificent pattern of twisting floral decoration in this rich cake gives it a graceful look. It blends particularly well with outdoor wedding venues as well as the nature-inspired wedding theme.

White Out

This is the best way to make a simple wedding cake look unique. Have just one tier decorated with three-dimensional detailing of flowers, leaving the other tiers simple.

Eyelet Icing

Eyelet icing cake is characterized by its beautiful eyelet motivated design patterns. These are perfect to accentuate a backyard wedding reception party or one where the theme is rustic.

Dare To Bare

This stylish and clean cake is entirely free from frills, other than that it has dispersed floral touches. This layered cake looks perfectly awesome.

Geometric Patterns

Just fill your square wedding cake with geometric patterns that go hand in hand with its design. If you mix it with colors, it would make the cake look spectacular.

Mismatched Tiers

This is made up of unequal tires. The cake will look gorgeous if you decorate each of its tiers differently. You could make color-blocked, ombré, and quilted tires to give it a stylish look.

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