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Summers are always extremely hot and humid. When your wedding is on a hot and sunny day, there is nothing more irritating than that. Wedding gowns are often heavy but do not let your wedding gown make you even more uncomfortable on your big day. Therefore, it is wise to choose a good fabric that keeps you cool even on a hot day. Given below are the top fabrics that you can wear for your summer wedding.


The main characteristics of this fabric are its illustrious sheen. It moves smoothly and gently, making it a great choice for your walk down the aisle. In addition, it gives a good amount of shine still having the stylish look.


Chiffon is a lightweight and sheer fabric, and this is the reason why it is often used to provide accents on wedding gowns. It drapes beautifully and has delicate aesthetics; this fabric will be a wonderful pick if your wedding is by the beachside.


Crepe is a lightweight and a durable silk fabric that drapes beautifully. If you need to avoid anything structured, crepe fabric is a good choice for providing soft silhouettes. This fabric is not layered with other materials, which makes it a nice choice for summer wedding.

Swiss Dot

Swiss dot would be the best pick for any bride who prefers a slightly different type of fabric. Swiss dot is a breathable fabric having unique dotted motifs, and it is known to keep the body all cool throughout the day.


Illusion is a sheer net material that is usually used to add unique elements of details on a gown. The popular uses of these fabrics are in illusion necklines, sleeves, and backs. So, if you like to be classy, this should be your pick for wedding gown.


If you are looking for a lightweight fabric having good structure, then you can choose organza fabric. Organza gives a romantic look with a glistening finish, which is why this material is often used for enhancing fullness on a ball gown.


Tulle is an open net fabric used for tutus. In addition, it is also used underneath a gown to add more volume to the dress. It is a delicate and light fabric, which can be used in different ways; you can choose this fabric for a beautiful ball gown look.

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