Ways to Make Kids Feel Included in your Wedding

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It is hard to imagine a wedding ceremony going well without accompanying laughter and noise from happy kids. Most little ones – including the ring bearer and the flower girl – have no clue what the adults are happy about, but they love the fact that they get to dress up and play with their friends. To make your big day extra special, you will want to include these little wonders and make sure they have a great time. The reward? Having them remember your wedding as one of the best days of their lives.

Get Them in on the Planning

If you have a kid, he or she is bound to feel a bit weird about their parent getting hitched. Mixed emotions might be there, so instead of trying to mess with those, get your child involved in things starting day one. Give them small jobs, and make a show of trusting them with little things such as stuffing envelopes, running errands, etc.

Would They Lead the Procession?

This works if there are too many kids running around and sure to get in trouble unless supervised. Entrust them with leading the procession. Have one walk in before the flower girl, holding a sign saying “she’s almost here!”, or “too late to back out now!” This puts a fun spin on things, and can ease the stress any of the adults are feeling. Mostly though, it keeps the child occupied.

Special Pictures

You will probably hire professional photographers for the big day, so get them to take a few snaps of you with just the kids. Get a few props in there as well, and try and turn it into a mini photo shoot. This will make the kids feel good, as well as leave you with precious memories to hold on to.

Cake Cutting

Everyone loves cake, especially kids. Gather the little ones together and with your most serious face on, ask them if they want to be part of the cake cutting. Tell them they can even do the cutting themselves. Most kids would jump at the chance. Sweeten the experience by giving them the first slices.

Dance with Them

Choreograph a dance with your little one and come wedding day, show everyone what an adorable pair the two of you make. If there is more than one kid, make sure each gets a chance to dance with an adult.

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