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Weddings are supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. There might be several traditions attached to the wedding but these should not cast a shadow of stress s over your special day. For those who are free-spirited and radical, it should not be a big deal. For others, you can be at ease about breaking a couple of the old traditions if it gives you peace of mind. Below is a discussion on some of the best ways to break the rules of a traditional wedding.

You Must Wear a White Dress

Rather than being bound to a shade of ivory, wear what will make you feel not only like a lady of the hour, but more as yourself. In case your heart has fallen for a pale pink ball outfit or something enhanced with dynamic flower wedding dress styles then do not hesitate to go for it. In case your trademark shading is dark or orange or emerald green, there is no reason to surrender that in the name of tradition.

You Must Wear a Dress

Once more, it is your day in all senses, so be free to wear what you really want. With all of the marriage jumpsuits accessible today, there’s no deficiency of choices for those hoping to bring the bar up on style.

The Lady Can’t Be Seen before the Ceremony

Rather than sitting tight for the huge aisle entrance, first looks—where you meet your partner before the function to get a few pictures and correct your nerves—are great choices for couples looking for a private moment or two for the cameras.

Visitors of the Bride and the Groom Should Be Seated Separately

Why seat different sides of a family that is about to become one. Introduce signs or gestures in your wedding plan that tells the guests to sit on a side of their choice, instead of separating each other in the name of the family

You Should Serve the Cake

In the event that you and your partner would much preferably choose a frozen yogurt sundae or doughnuts over a piece of cake, don’t give anything a chance to hinder you from presenting your preferred dessert.

The Bridesmaids Must Wear Similar Dresses

Regardless of whether you stick to one shade in various styles or open it up to various colors, picking mismatched bridesmaid dresses enables your women to pick what matches them best.

Consider the above rules to break if you are not so much in favor of a traditional wedding.

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